Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a P'tit Clown customer account ?

Prior authorization is required to register as a professional seller. If you have a store or a Webshop, we invite you to make a PRO access request by contacting us using the registration form, at the top right "Open an account". Once your information is filled in, you will receive an email with your login and password in the next few hours so that you can connect.

You can contact us by email to:

You will receive the document to complete and send back to us.

How to contact us ?

You can contact us by several means :

By phone : +33. (0)

By email

« Contact » on the website.

What is the delivery delay ?

Delivery delay are indicated on our website in « Delivery ».

For further information, You can also contact us :

By phone : +33.(0)2 33 77 43 75

By email : or

Be careful : our delivery times may vary depending on the period.

How can I do if I forget my login password ?

You can contact us:

By phone : +

By email :

Who is my sales representative ?

From the creation of your customer account, you will be directly attached to the sales representative in your country; For everything related to export business, your contact is : Anton Lhullier / / +33 (0)6 26 40 24 46.
He will contact you and, if necessary, arrange an appointment directly in your store in order to understand your expectations, advise you, answer all your questions and, if necessary, define a frequency store visit. Also available by phone or email, Tess Lalllemand will have the role of supporting and guiding you in your order taking.

What to do in the event of late delivery or non-delivery ?

For any questions or complaints about the delivery of your order, you can find help by calling + or by sending an email to the following address:

ATTENTION, for a complaint following a delivery, it must be declared within 3 working days, in accordance with our sales terms. Please indicate the delivery voucher number or invoice relating to your request and attach a photo for any breakage or defective item.

How do I know the amount of shipping costs ?

For your packages, you can find all the information directly on our website, in the "Delivery" section.
For your shipping costs concerning one or more pallet (s), you can contact us by phone : + or by email : or



How do I know the availability of products ?

All this information is available on our website. When you put the reference, if it is not available, this will be notified and the date of arrival in stock will be written. You can also call us at + or join us by mail :


How to reach the accounting service ?

You can contact us by phone at + or by email : and add in copy


How can I pay my order ?

To date, payments are made to our accounting department. Each customer is free to pay for his order with the payment method he wishes. You will contact our accounts when confirming your order.

If you want payment before the goods are shipped, you will receive a secure link to be able to pay by credit card after validation of the order.

If you wish to pay after shipment and receipt of the goods, you can pay by credit card, or bank transfer, subject to validation by our accounting department in connection with our credit insurance.

Note: an online payment service from the website is under development, it will soon be available to all our customers.

Bank card

When you are about to pay for your order by credit card, you are redirected to a secure page to confirm your identity and enter a validation code.


If you don’t have our bank information, we can send us our identification bank information.

Delivery in France and abroad

P’tit Clown delivers everywhere in France and abroad. Delivery times vary depending on the country of destination, the size of the order and seasonality.

For metropolitan France, delivery times are 24 hours for a small order and up to 5 working days for a large order. During a major holiday season like Halloween, order processing times may also be longer.

Orders are shipped and delivered via DPD.

Large orders are delivered on pallets via carriers.

For any request for additional information regarding prices and delivery methods, please contact Marie-Christine at the following email address: + or by phone at +


Minimum order not to pay shipping cost:

1.00€ for Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain

1.800€ for Switzerland

1.500€ for other countries


What are the rules for small packagings ?

The implementing decree for Article 17 of the AGEC Act makes special provisions for small packaging, distinguishing between two cases:

  • Packs of less than 10 cm² (largest side or overall surface area) without associated documentation are exempt from the signage and on-pack information provided that these are available in dematerialised format.
  • Packs between 10 and 20 cm² (largest side or overall surface area) without associated documentation must carry the Triman but are exempt from the on-pack information provided that the latter is available in paperless format

Packaging Category :

pictos info tri dématérialisée chapeaux et masques - angl

Product Category : Product for Children

Infotri Jouets.JPG



How to track my order ?

Our clients can’t track directly their order on our website. They have to contact us :

By phone : +33.(0)

By email :

What are the delivery conditions ?

You can find all information on our website site on “Delivery information” and in the terms of sales.

You can also contact us :

By phone : + 

By email



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