Order your planogram for children's birthdays


July is here and with it comes birthdays!

Summer is an ideal season for children's birthday parties. Sunny days and pleasant temperatures offer a multitude of possibilities for outdoor celebrations. Whether it's a beach party, a picnic in the park or a day at the pool, the options are endless for creating unforgettable memories.

1 - Find the perfect place

Finding the right location is often a complicated and crucial task. So many locations can be used to make birthdays or parties memorable. Whether on the beach, in a park or even at home, choose the place that suits you and represents you!


2 - Choose the theme

P'tit Clown offers a variety of birthday themes, including centerpieces, tattoos, garlands, plates, cups, napkins, straws, table confetti, balloons, invitation cards, bags and cake picks!
Enough for a complete birthday party!


  • Forest animals

For animal lovers, let yourself be tempted by this range in the colors of the forest. Animals will make their appearance on our different products to keep children company!




  • Dinosaurs

Grr! Dinosaurs want to celebrate birthdays too! Our dinosaur theme features a variety of designs in orange hues for a volcanic birthday!




  • Unicorns

This theme is perfect for magical birthdays! Unicorns arrive on your tables to put stars in children's eyes.


Ambiance - licornes


  • Pirates

Young Cabin Boy !
The pirate theme, in ocean colors, is perfect for children who dream of finding chests and gold coins!


Ambiance - pirate


  • Princesses

Princess tales aren't just in our imaginations, they're also on your tables! Let the princes and princesses invite themselves to your table and have a birthday just like in the stories.


Ambiance - princesses


  • Superheroes

Choose between saving the city or celebrating your birthday? Why not do both at the same time? Our superhero theme and its purple colors will send you flying into a world full of villains to beat!


Ambiance - super-héros


  • Country

For a theme that appeals to both young and old, the country theme is perfect for the occasion!


3- Buy your plannogram

At P'tit Clown, you can create your own plannogram with our different themes. 200cm high and 133cm wide, give your plannogram a place in your store! You'll get -5% for each concept you order. It's complete and headache-free.

image-removebg-preview (22)


Don't wait, come and order your planogram!

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