Planograms Cam et Léon !

Cam & Léon planogrammes

P’tit Clown launches into planograms! It is a visual merchandising tool: detailed graphic representations of how products will be merchandised on a display element in a shop.

Here we are on 1m33 wide and 2m high fixtures.

To start with, our teams worked on 3 Cam et Léon ranges:

- Cam et Léon: Children's birthday parties

- Cam et Léon: Balloons by colour

- Cam et Léon: Balloons by product type

- Cam et Léon: Festive decorations by colour

Important: Ask for the associated order form and you will get 5%off for each concept ordered!

Plano C&L Anniversaires enfants 1 élément - P'tit Clown
Plano C&L 1er élément Anniversaires Enfants
Plano C&L 2ème élément Anniversaires enfants
Plano C&L Ballons couleurs
Plano C&L Ballons Familles
Elément 2 C&L Déco Festive- P'tit Clown
Plano Gamme Déco Festive C&L Elément 1- P'tit Clown (1)


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